Image: Mai Siam


We hope you will try out some of our tempting recipes on our Mai Siam library.  They are mostly traditional recipes, handed down through the generations and shared amongst families.  All have been tried and tested by our chefs and also by a team of volunteer amateur cooks.

In a Thai household a meal is an occasion where the family comes together to discuss the days events.  The food on the table is also shared; a typical meal would consist of rice, a salad, a curry or two, vegetables and perhaps a soup (to be eaten as part of the meal).  However, in the West it is the norm to serve food in separate courses and with this in mind, we have separated our recipes into Starters, Mains and Desserts.  Many of our starters can also be served as snacks or as part of a main course.

The beauty of preparing a Thai meal or banquet is that many dishes can be prepared in advanced and heated and served when required. 

Do take care when cooking with coconut milk however as it needs to be handled carefully (see our Hints and Tips section).